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Appetizers, Side Orders & Dips


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  • Spanakopita

    Flaky fillo dough stuffed with spinach & feta cheese. 12/24.00

  • Tiropita

    Flaky fillo dough stuffed with feta cheese. 12/24.00

  • Yalandji Dolmas

    Vegetarian grape leaves stuffed with rice & herbs, soaked in extra virgin olive oil. 12/10.20

  • Keftedes

    Greek fried meatballs. A blend of ground beef, fresh mint, fresh parsley & garlic. 12/24.00

  • Falafel

    Freshly ground chick pea patties seasoned with a homemade blend of spices, fresh parsley & garlic. 12/12.00

  • Dolmathes

    Hand rolled grape leaves with ground beef, rice, onion, garlic & fresh mint, topped with a creamy lemon sauce. 12/24.00

  • Cabbage Roll

    Hand rolled cabbage leaves stuffed with ground beef, rice, fresh seasonings, topped with homemade tomato sauce. 12/24.00

  • Shrimp with Kasseri

    Flaky fillo dough stuffed with shrimp, tomato & kasseri cheese rolls. 30/60.00

  • Zucchini Halloumi Fritters

    Fancy zucchini, green onions, fresh dill & halloumi cheese, pan fried in extra virgin olive oil, topped with a dap of our famous tzatziki sauce.  30/70.00

  • Kolokithopita

    Seasonal squash rolled in fillo dough with fresh mint, dill, parsley & feta cheese. 30/55.00

  • Niko's Jumbo Chicken Wings

    Juicy chicken wings covered in our Niko Niko's original honey hot sauce or Greek style (chargrilled w/ lemon sauce). 6/9.00; 12/17.00; 24/32.00; 48/62.00    

  • Pita Quesadillas

    A Tex Mex classic with a delicious Greek twist. Cheese 7.75, Chicken or Gyro 8.95 each

  • Stuffed Mushrooms

    Try this elegant finger food of rich silver mushroom caps stuffed with a delicious mix of fresh, grilled vegetables.  50/65.00; 100/125.00

  • Shrimp Cocktail

    Shrimp boiled, pealed, ready to eat. Served with our house made horseradish cocktail sauce. 50/130.00; 100/250.00


Side Orders

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  • Oven Roasted Potatoes

    Our signature oven potatoes baked with extra virgin olive oil, garlic, lemon & tumeric. Small tray 39.50. Large tray 75.00

  • Rice

    Pilaf style rice cooked with extra virgin oilve oil, lemon & tumeric. Small tray 39.50. Large tray 75.00

  • Grilled Vegetables

    Zucchini, squash, mushrooms, tomatoes, bell peppers & onions chargrilled & basted in our housemade marinade. Small tray 42.50. Large tray 80.00

  • Fasolakia

    Greek style green beans traditionally cooked with chopped onions, fresh parsley & garlic, in our homemade tomato sauce. Small tray 49.50. Large tray 95.00

  • Pita Chips

    Pita chips baked in the oven with extra virgin olive oil, Greek oregano & kosher salt. (Bag 48 pcs) 6.00

  • Pita Bread

    .95 ea.



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  • Tzatziki

    Our famous creamy yogurt, sour cream, garlic & cucumber dip. Small tray 18.00;  Large tray 36.00

  • Hummus

    Pureed garbanzo bean dip made with fresh parsley, garlic, extra virgin olive oil & lemon. "Best hummus in town!" Small tray 18.00;  Large tray 36.00

  • Tirokafteri

    Spicy Feta cheese spread made with roasted peppers, olive oil lemon garlic, yogurt. Small tray 18.00;  Large tray 36.00

  • Melizano Salata

    Smoked eggplant, tomato, garlic, onion, fresh parsley, topped with walnuts, extra virgin olive oil & seasonings. Small tray 18.00;  Large tray 36.00

  • Greek Cheese & Olives Platter

    Feta, Kasseri & Kefalotiri cheese with a variety of Greek olives. Olives have pits. Large tray 42.00    


*Prices subject to change.