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Pastries & Coffee

Greek Pastries & Dessert

  • Loukoumades

    Greek honey balls. Niko Niko's is the only place in Houston to get loukoumades other than the annual Greek festival. 5.95

  • Baklava

    Flaky fillo filled with ground walnuts and cinnamon, topped with a homemade honey sauce. A true Greek classic! 4.75

  • Galaktoboureko

    Creamy custard topped with flaky fillo & homemade honey sauce. Sprinkled with fresh, ground cinnamon. 4.75

  • Kataifi

    Shredded fillo filled with ground walnuts & cinnamon in homemade honey sauce. 4.75

  • Dipples

    Greek sopapilla topped with honey, walnuts & cinnamon. 3.50

  • Chocolate Koulourakia

    Sugar cookies dipped in chocolate & rolled in walnuts. (2) 3.50

  • Melomakarona

    Cookies made with orange, cinnamon, honey & walnuts. (2) 3.50

  • Kourambiedes (Wedding Cookies)

    Baked Greek almond cookies covered with powdered sugar. (2) 3.50

  • Greek Yogurt & Honey

    Greek strained, rich & creamy yogurt. Try it with a Sour Cherry or walnuts and honey. 4.95

  • Athenian Mud Pie

    Double fudge brownie topped with cream cheese crust, drizzled with a white chocolate sauce. 4.25

  • Rizogalo (Greek Rice Pudding)

    Traditional Greek rice pudding topped with freshly ground cinnamon. 4.50


Non-fat or Soy Milk available upon request.  All drinks also available in decaf. 

  • Greek Coffee

    A true coffee lover's coffee. "Black as hell, strong as death, sweet as love." Also served with medium love or no love, your preference. Not Available Decaf. 3.75

  • House Blend Coffee

    A bottomless cup of our house blend coffee. 2.50

  • Double Espresso

    A short, strong coffee topped with a golden cream. A very intense coffee experience. 2.75

  • Espresso Macchiato

    Espresso topped with a dash of foam. 2.95

  • Americano

    A 'filter' coffee made by diluting espresso. Also available iced.  2.95

  • Con Panna

    An espresso topped with whipped cream. 2.95

  • Cappuccino

    The classic combination of espresso, foam & steamed milk. 3.95

  • Latte

    Similar to a cappucino with more steamed milk, topped with a little foam. Also available iced.  3.95

  • Plato's Caramel Creation

    A double shot of espresso & milk served with a shot of vanilla & caramel, topped with whipped cream.  Also available iced. 4.25

  • Mocha Latte

    A double shot of espresso & milk, served with a shot of vanilla & chocolate, topped with whipped cream. Also available iced.  4.25

  • Aphrodite's Dream

    A medley of white & dark chocolate with a hint of almond. Topped with whipped cream. Also available iced.  4.25

  • Hera's Honey Nut Latte

    Flavors of honey, vanilla & butter pecan make this latte sweet & nutty like the goddess Hera. Also available iced.  4.25

  • Hot Chocolate

    A blend of steamed milk and chocolate. Topped with whipped cream. A childhood favorite. 3.25

Iced Coffee


  • Greek Frappe

    A blend of Nescafe & water whipped until fluffy then poured over ice. Milk & sugar added on request. Greece's favorite coffee. Not Available Decaf. 3.95

  • Freddo Cappuccino

    Freshly pulled espresso whipped & poured over ice, then topped with whipped milk. A seductive Italian iced coffee. 4.25

  • Freddo Espresso

    Triple whipped espresso poured over ice. 3.95

  • Baklava Frappe

    Our delicious homemade Baklava, blended with espresso, milk makes a one-of-a-kind frappe, topped with whipped cream. 5.25

  • Athenian Mud Pie Frappe

    A slice of our decadent mud pie blended right in with espresso & milk. Topped with whipped cream. 5.25

*Prices subject to change.